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Sep 17, 2010
Accessorize your dog with a large dog collar

In recent trends lots of dog accessories have come up with many specialized stores meant for it. Use of dog collars is a popular phenomenon practiced since many decades. Large dog collar can give an attractive look to a dog; moreover a large dog collar is always eye-catchy.

 There are varieties of materials used in dog collars from which we can make our choice. Nowadays we can find numerous kinds of patterns over dog collars. We can easily find a good match as per the color and breed of our dog.

The price range of large dog collar varies as per the designs and quality. Some of them are quite expensive with precious stones embedded on it. Many high profile people simply love to flaunt expensive large dog collar on their dog that reflects their sense of sophistication. You can also design a large dog collar and order for it to be made.

Wide range of dog collars of different types is available in internet. Many fancy designs are available that can be easily purchased through online shopping. A large dog collar can also contain some necessary detail like owner’s number so that lost dog can be located.

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Sep 9, 2010
Adopt the right measure to stop dog scratching

There are various reasons for dog scratching but we need to know the exact reason in order to stop dog scratching. It may be skin problem, allergies or improper food intake. One of the compulsory measures that should be taken by every dog owner to stop dog scratching is neatness as very often scratching results from dirt or improper brushing of hair.

Even after keeping your dog neat and clean, if it is still engaged in scratching then your dog needs to see a doctor to trace out the reason and start treatment before the condition deteriorates.

Fleas and lice are the most common parasite infection that dogs suffer which results in scratching but apart from this there may be parasites that are not visible and are quite microscopic, moreover these microscopic parasites which hide in the skin are more irritating.

Sometimes continuous scratching due to infection also results in hair loss. A Vet is the right person to advice things to do and things not to do in order to stop dog scratching. We need to maintain certain environmental conditions too to stop dog scratching.


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Sep 3, 2010
Using effective measures can stop dog biting

Dog biting problems are faced by many people which results from lack of proper training to the dogs at their early stage. But it is better late than never, you can stop dog biting by adopting effective techniques that controls the aggression of the dog and handles its biting problems. There are many books which help to stop dog biting considering the fact that people understand the techniques written and implement it in a correct manner.

One should keep off from action that provokes a dog in order to control it from biting. Most of the time dog biting is a result of provocation. The dog can also develop biting habits on being constantly bullied by other dogs at home as it annoys it and makes it more aggressive.

You can adopt techniques to teach your dog that biting is wrong as well as discourage it from biting by using different means to get effective result. The techniques employed to teach dogs to stop biting is different for puppies and adult dogs as both respond to different techniques considering their age. It isn’t easy to stop dog biting as one needs patience to teach the dog about it.

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